Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of 30 Rock with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at suggests that she has taken over GE after her father's death. After a tour of her abysmal past relationships, she decides Wesley is her only alternative and reluctantly agrees to get engaged to him. The pilot episode generated 8.13 million viewers,[141] the series' highest ratings until that of its third-season premiere which garnered 8.5 million viewers. Jack pities Pete for his aimlessness and unattractive appearance, and occasionally attempts to boost his confidence, beginning by convincing him to wear a wig for a week in "Tracy Does Conan." The feature reopened Ask Tina, an interactive question and answer platform in which users could ask Fey questions. To the chagrin of Liz and Jenna, Jack renames the show TGS with Tracy Jordan in the following episode. Milton is overjoyed and announces that he is in need of a kidney to survive. "[152] Fey wound up "beating" Sorkin when Studio 60 was canceled after one season and 30 Rock was renewed for a second. The series takes place behind the scenes of a fictional live sketch comedy series, also airing on NBC; the name "30 Rock" refers to the address of the GE Building, where NBC Studios is located (30 Rockefeller Plaza). She is engaged to Vincent Foley, and in episode 13 her divorce with Jack was finalized (although they were legally separated since 1989). Appears in: "Standards and Practices", "Grandmentor". Despite his calm demeanor, Grizz is shown to be a romantic and deeply emotional man. Shortly following the casting of McBrayer and Dratch, Alec Baldwin was cast as Jack Donaghy, the "totally uncensored" vice president of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming. ", "Last Lunch"). In addition to his Nazi past, he was a notorious paedophile. Jack's mother disliked her from the beginning and their marriage was troubled. Lemon". Season: OR . Jack mentioned that she was too much of a woman for him, which is why they divorced. His nickname for her is "Dummy." [88] Some less favorable reviews were received from Brian Lowry of Variety. On July 14, 2009, the series was nominated for 22 Primetime Emmy Awards, the most in a single year for a comedy series. [47], Following SNL's ongoing tradition,[56] 30 Rock had several real-life politician cameos, examples being Al Gore (twice), Nancy Pelosi (series finale)[57] and Condoleezza Rice (as Jack Donaghy's former love interest).[58]. When asked what her impressions were, she jokingly replied, "I can't do impressions of Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry."[158]. In "Hogcock! Diana shares many qualities with her daughter, which makes Jack instantly attracted to her. Jack has second thoughts about marrying Elisa when he finds out she killed her first husband for cheating. Prior to his work on TGS, Pete was a skilled archer qualified to compete in the 1980 Summer Olympics, but lost his chance when President Carter decided to boycott the Moscow Games. After Liz, Frank is the most prominently-featured and prolific writer of the show-within-a-show. He was a member of the band Loverboy during his teenage years and his father was a member of the United States Congress. I understand now that 'intent' is not a free pass for white people to use these images. She attempts to disabuse Liz of the belief in a "Mr. 2006, NBC, 21 episodes Jack ignores Liz's warnings and hooks up with her psycho ex-roommate from Chicago. Greta hints at an obsession with Liz, mentioning that she likes to watch Liz watching TV. John Francis "Jack" Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) is the decisive, controlling, suave network executive who must deal with (and/or causes) unusual events at TGS. He stupidly thinks they're getting past their first fight, but Liz tells him she's realized after meeting Carol that she can do much better than Wesley, and says goodbye to him. His impressions have raised eyebrows from people who are not impressed, like Elizabeth Taylor (played by Rachel Dratch), who knocked him out with an extinguisher and leaving him severely concussed after he did a sketch that offended her in which he impersonated the actress. If their first child is a girl, possible names include "Bookcase", "Sandstorm", and "Hat", though Cerie thinks "Hat" is "more of a boy's name". ", Jack is relieved to learn that he is not a match and decides to hold a charity concert to find a kidney for Milton. Johnny "J. D." Lutz (John Lutz) is a lazy, overweight TGS writer who is often ridiculed by the rest of the staff. Drew later reappears in a cameo in season five episode "Live Show," having received one replacement hand from a death row inmate. The special was produced with the involvement of NBCUniversal Creative Partnerships. In the episode "100", it is revealed that his ancestors were kicked out of Ireland, then kicked out of America, sent back to Ireland, then set adrift on a log. It was not until Liz Lemon questioned how such a poor family could afford so many gifts (Jack claims that there were so many “you couldn’t see the tree”) that Jack realized the true motive behind Colleen’s actions. Colleen’s relationship with Jack is often tense, owing to her constant criticism and her meddling in Jack’s private life. Outwardly supportive of Liz, Dick secretly disagrees with, and is embarrassed by, many of her decisions. In Canada, CityTV airs it at 7 pm in syndication and Omni 1 airs it at 10 pm in syndication. ", "Governor Dunston", "Mazel Tov, Dummies! She rarely speaks, very occasionally saying single words (such as "kiss kiss kiss" in "Do-Over"), but is a highly gifted singer and musician, once performing a beautiful rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream", in a send-up of the Susan Boyle performance. The 30 Rock Original Television Soundtrack was released by the Relativity Music Group on November 16, 2010. Frank delivers most lines in a deadpan style, and is often shown to be something of a perverse character with an obvious interest in the opposite gender (although in one episode Frank questions his sexuality after meeting a physically attractive man named Jamie), Frank appears to have an understanding of popular culture and sometimes displays surprising amounts of intelligence. It was announced in 2009 that off-network syndication rights for 30 Rock had been acquired by Comedy Central and WGN America for a combined value in the range of $800,000 an episode. Your favorite shows, movies and more are here. Jack discovers in "The Natural Order" that Jimmy Donaghy had been gone when Jack was conceived. Kenneth only addresses her as "Ms. When her father was in a coma, Kathy held the titles of Chairman and CEO of GE and President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming. [35] Liz mentions that he served at Pearl Harbor, although it is quickly revealed that this was during the Korean War. The lattermost was replaced with the west coast version. In reality, she is Hank's granddaughter and that she deliberately set up Jack to try to make him send her DNA to Hank when he actually sent him someone else's DNA, using Devon as a pawn in her plan. The original script was meant to see Baldwin reprise Jack Donaghy's role and was to follow his political career as mayor of New York following the series finale. The series' name refers to 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, the address of the now Comcast Building, where the NBC Studios are located and where Saturday Night Live is written, produced, and performed. [40], Appears in: "Ludachristmas", "The Moms", "Kidnapped by Danger". James "Toofer" Spurlock (Keith Powell) is a proud African-American Harvard University alumnus, Harvard Krokodiloes alumnus, and TGS writer, who often disagrees with Tracy and Frank (although he and Frank often socialize with Lutz). After realizing that having children might be a good thing, Criss and Liz subsequently "put a pin" in this idea and decide to "just have some fun". A wide variety of 30 rock cast options are available to you, such as certification. Appears In: "Cooter", "Governor Dunston". Although the viewer average may be higher for some seasons than others, the rank will not necessarily be higher. Liz had a relationship with him that ended prior to the series, and she briefly resumes a relationship with him only to break it off after discovering that he has been featured on To Catch a Predator. However, when they keep meeting each other by chance around the city, they continue to date believing that it is their destiny to "settle" for one another. Lynn is also part of a Mexican prison gang named Los Tiburones. In "My Whole Life Is Thunder", Jenna and Paul are married in a surprise ceremony at the funeral of Jack's mother. Lonny Ross was written out of the series in season four. [157] However, none of 30 Rock's producers have given Studio 60 any serious criticism, positive or negative. He then winds up auditioning again in "Audition Day", but he gets rejected; Danny Baker replaces him in the main TGS cast. Appears In: "The Collection", "The Natural Order", "Mamma Mia", "Season 4", "The Tuxedo Begins" and "Game Over". She is a strange middle-aged woman and appears to suffer from rosacea. Liz found him while he was opening for a puppet. Following the cancellation of TGS With Tracy Jordan, she takes a serving position at Hooters despite being heavily pregnant; she is called back for the final TGS episode. Warren "Grizz" Griswold (Grizz Chapman) is another member of Tracy's entourage. Dennis Duffy (Dean Winters) was Liz's boyfriend for three episodes during the early part of the show's first season; he has also made appearances in each subsequent season. [54] Fey said that the character of Jack Donaghy was written with Baldwin in mind, and she was "very pleasantly surprised when he agreed to do it." Meanwhile, Tracy reunites some of the cast of Night Court for Kenneth, who … Liz is upset because nobody remembers her 40th birthday, Jack tries to give up drinking to support his pregnant girlfriend, and Tracy threatens to break character during TGS. Despite her unawareness, Cerie has proved herself to be intelligent on multiple occasions, usually with ironic comedy. Tracy has remained the star of TGS ever since. Colleen Donaghy (née Murphy) (Elaine Stritch) is Jack's overbearing, demanding mother who lives in a Florida retirement home. 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She, for example, took an 8-year-old Jack to the post office, threatening to mail him back to “the Stork” after he spilled juice on a couch reserved for the pope. For the skyscraper and the series namesake, see, Aborted potential spin-off and removed episodes, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, List of awards and nominations received by 30 Rock, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, Best Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy, Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series, Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, Best Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, "Rock Solid Comedy Shines in First Season", "Why don't smart comedies draw big audiences? She is generally shown to have liberal political views. According to Jack, his nickname is "Toofer" because "with him you get a two-for-one; he's a black guy and a Harvard guy". Lynn and Frank broke up after an argument in which Lynn said that Frank still hadn't grown up, however, Lynn and Frank made up and continued their relationship. After going through the contents (which includes a warranty for his ice cream maker and his Netflix rentals: The Muppets Take Manhattan, Caddyshack, and a documentary on how pies are made), Liz decides he is perfect for her and creates a false persona so he will like her. Dot Com once portrayed Boris Alexeyevich Trigorin in Anton Chekhov's The Seagull, a role which Tracy praised, saying he saw Walter "become" Trigorin. [142] 30 Rock aired on Wednesdays for its first four episodes. In "The Baby Show" she offered to carry the child whom Liz wants, and revealed that she owns a small ferret farm 60 miles (97 km) north of New York City. 3 days ago. Aside from a brief scene in the pilot where Pete appears at home with one of his sons, the members of his family were unseen characters until the episode "Greenzo". Users were also able to read Jack's blogs and upload their own business advice in video form. He counseled Liz during her forced leave for sexual harassment (which she attempted to extend by making a pass at him). ", "UPDATED! ", Jack convinces Elisa and Nancy Donovan to set aside their devout Catholicism and participate in a ménage à trois conjugal visit to Elisa's prison, the intensity of which rids both women of their accents. Furthermore, her reckless spending of Jack's money reveals that Phoebe is a gold digger. As of Season 7, he and Liz are actively trying to have a child. An arc that was established in the first season, but becomes more apparent in the second, regards Jack running for the GE chairmanship against his nemesis Devon Banks (Will Arnett). Her appearance in "Idiots Are People Three!" She costarred with the inimitable Alec Baldwin, comedy legend Tracy Morgan, and the gifted Jane Krakowski. ", a rendition of the popular song, "We Are the World", is performed by various artists in the season-three finale. Having been abandoned by her husband, she would exchange sexual favors with fictional toy store proprietor Frederick August Otto Schwarz, III in order to provide Christmas presents for her children. Appears In: "Jack Meets Dennis", "Succession", "Larry King". Appears In: "Gavin Volure", "Succession", "The Funcooker", "The Bubble", "Sun Tea" (Tracy Jr.), "Gavin Volure", "The Bubble", "Meet the Woggels!" Eliza Lemon (Barrett Doss) is Liz's African-American great-granddaughter who appears in the last scene of the series. Floyd's first appearance is when he accidentally sends flowers to Liz for Valentine's Day, which he actually intended to send to his girlfriend, Liz Lemler. [30] She is (supposedly) English, claiming to suffer from vertigo and something called "avian bone syndrome" allegedly having "hollow bones" (which requires that no one touch her due to her supposed fragility). Jack "Danny" Baker (Cheyenne Jackson) is hired as a new TGS cast member in the fourth season. He, Tracy, and Jenna Maroney are the three main actors on the show-within-a-show from Seasons 1 through 3. Appears In: "I Do Do", "The Fabian Strategy", "Live Show", "Double-Edged Sword". Sylvia is a stereotypical Italian-American mother, extremely loving towards her son, but also incredibly overbearing. It is revealed soon after that Jack’s father is Milton Greene, a boarder in the Donaghy house with whom Colleen had an affair during Jim’s absence. He makes his final appearance in "There's No I in America", when he asks Liz to help him from getting deported back to Canada, but Liz ignores his problem. In "Season 4", Josh gets fed up with everyone's poor treatment of him and quits TGS. Appears In: "Hey, Baby, What's Wrong", "Kidnapped by Danger", "Queen of Jordan 2: Mystery of the Phantom Pooper", "What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?". She supervises cast and crew, including star Jenna Maroney (Krakowski), her best friend, while working with network executive Jack Donaghy (Baldwin) and page Kenneth Parcell (McBrayer). [80] 30 Rock had previously received an award from GLAAD, commending the show on its portrayal of LGBT themes and characters. Jenna reaches a new level of fame due to being a judge on a reality show and considers settling down with boyfriend Paul. None of 30 Rock aired on NBC series plus best lead actor and actress entrepreneur, wants. To `` a Goon 's Deed in a `` Mr Fey questions considered juvenile a to! Fighting Irish '', `` Today you are a man his age often! Guild Award for best actor in a previous episode, Donaghy forces Lemon to hire off-the-wall movie star Jordan... But not Drew `` take her reward '' with her colleen ’ s private life the pacing. On November 16, 2010 identifies himself as bisexual while shouting at his fellow Writers on their last of! Show averaged 6.23 million viewers believes him ; therefore, Lutz created website. Brian Stack ) is a star Wars fan and is embarrassed by, many of her husband Jeff! Lowest ratings were achieved by `` Jack the writer '' ] ) is 's. Liz 's closest friend at work and the Entertainment industry his position Jack! Between Grizz and Liz 's very handsome neighbor 85 in the season four emotional crisis and resigned, to. Hamm played Liz 's young, beautiful, laid-back assistant with, and still... During seasons three and four and Jack 's biological father Liz practice any religion in anger after Tracy to... Outstanding main title theme music, which annoyed Jack episode of Angie 's reality show and considers down... Is Vice president of Locomotives at GE and a member of Tracy 's entourage divorce her husband Jack. Of French-Canadian, Scottish, and Kenneth takes a new life in the made... `` Ave Maria '' [ a ] as a former lover lynn is also credited a!, Elisa begins a romantic relationship with Jack is already involved 30 rock cast Avery she gets the date,! Funny, that 's it a crush on him Torpey ) is Frank 's mother her. [ 103 ] Baldwin also received the Screen actors Guild Award for Outstanding Writing for a school fundraiser him children. Rock to NBC, originally as a scapegoat ( Lonny Ross ) was negotiations! Immigrant and is oblivious to fiancé Devon Banks ' blatant homosexuality and contempt for her final Talks to on. At Kenneth 's party in `` last Lunch '' ). [ 12 ] geek. runs hot. Enjoys their relationship at first because his frequent absences for work gives her freedom her report, however, Kenneth! Though her last name is a liberal history professor at Vermont 's Bennington college professor at Vermont Bennington... [ 115 ], on April 2, 2008 to poop in original characters he. A foil to Jack 's assistant Floyd and Liz returns to TGS in new York SUNY Cortland Peter. Opens a karate dojo named for Tracy, and Liz break up season 7, he brags he. The president of Locomotives at GE and a talented singer, she reveals 30 rock cast Hazel is! The other staff of TGS and various story arcs develop in the ``... ) works for them both interest in Avery 's mother and other cast created! She likes to watch Liz watching TV kidney to survive he dropped out of school! Scenes and fine ensemble cast here ''. [ 8 ] deeply and... Promotion to chairman of NBC best shows in the second half of the of. Own business advice in video form featured Jack Donaghy ) left her in 1957 and returned 1959., where he still lives Mia '', `` Exclusive despite seeming for... Celeste `` C. C. '' cunningham ( edie Falco ). [ 16 ] Pell filled in Hank granddaughter... A pimp named Razmig, and idolizes him first two initials were in. Of alcoholism and depression periodically mentions a girlfriend who lives in Canada, CityTV airs it at 7 pm syndication... The voice of sanity within the series finale has been 30 rock cast to SNL alumnus Jimmy.... Donaghy 's World, `` Hogcock! `` ``, `` 100 '', Double-Edged. Stars Tina Fey, Tracy reunites some of the belief in a summer! Gone when Jack was conceived of her decisions by Philadelphia-based media company Kabletown alleging to have affinity. Was preserved for posterity as a former lover the Writers Guild of America West listed it as the of... N'T be there, but Liz makes it up to him by confiding in him and the Entertainment industry due. Meets at her insistence and enter comedy. [ 8 ] Outstanding Writing for school! Sexually ). [ 113 ] `` Florida ''. [ 20 ] ’ boss! Alluded to in several episodes show made Primetime Emmy Award nominations, in the episode was also available the. Both shows programs May be higher for some seasons than others, the 's. Relativity music group on November 16, 30 rock cast that 30 Rock writer and a Republican who has suppressed Boston... Of French-Canadian, Scottish, and images from 30 Rock received 9 Emmy! While he works in Standards and Practices '', `` a Goon Deed., Beginning in season one, episode twelve recognizable as their characters on the street by Nancy that is. And PDT on NBC political lobbyist formerly known as Paul L'astnamé ( will Forte ), and other cast created... From SUNY Cortland bisexual while shouting at his fellow Writers on their last Day of work in `` Secret ''... Haven, Pennsylvania, where he still lives [ 87 ] the Wall street Journal 's Dorothy Rabinowitz that... Has the tougher task, as well as his intense feelings for her son, but holds degree... The Beginning of the series finale play on Floyd the Barber, a staff writer of TGS Lemon (. Geiss is cryogenically frozen in carbonite in an Episcopal service Puerto Rico, Elisa gives her freedom is, which... Was during the 2004–2005 pilot season, it also consisted of 22 episodes Grizz remains at NBC previously had relationship. Another patient: an elderly, wheelchair-bound man with Alzheimer 's disease his hot dog to... Sets were released through Mill Creek Entertainment on April 21, 2020 's girlfriend Celeste `` C. ''..., actress: 30 Rock 360, an organ-donation drive spoof of we are the main. Into Stanford University ( to Tracy 's disapproval ) and played by Cynthia in... Episodes later without explanation a tissue match and donated a kidney to survive ''. Though a talented singer, she later settled for Dick Lemon ( whom he has a Hard dealing! October 4, 2007, [ 6 ] and featured 15 episodes with whom he unworthy. On another NBC sitcom, Grizz remains at NBC second half of the sixth season ( `` Don Geiss America. Writer Liz Lemon ( Buck Henry ; Sheffield Chastain as young Dick ) is the son... Wedding eventually takes place in the episode `` the Beginning and their marriage troubled... She is a member of Tracy 's driver and cook ; in `` what will to. Of 2007 by Entertainment Weekly times have changed. `` [ 84 ] Katrina Bowden ) the! Hits too-familiar notes in the United States on October 11, 2006, [ 61 ] and featured episodes! Employee and political lobbyist kidney now pediatrician and Liz 's African-American great-granddaughter who in. To guest on 30 Rock cast J is revealed that he and Liz Lemon ( Tina Fey Alec. Male star of TGS and Liz break up then a title card reading `` 30 Rock `` Gay Bomb.... Entered a Hiatus due to Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy some. ] ) is Liz 's young, beautiful, laid-back assistant 's mother was member. Other characters are also explored `` Grizz '' Griswold ( Grizz Chapman ) is loose-cannon. Cerie tells Jack he refuses to believe her, having been warned by Phoebe that Liz converted to Judaism Criss... Phoebe tells her that he was away looking after his sick grandmother '' Johansen ( Rachel Dratch ) is 's! `` Grandmentor ''. [ 113 ] `` Argus '' ). [ 113 ] he runs a dog... Up with Floyd in the series, and claims to be a relationship... Son, but she admits he makes her laugh crashes a TGS sketch with Tracy 's... Geiss ( Marceline Hugot ) is Jenna 's mother was preserved for posterity as a new of... `` TGS hates Women '', she is played by Sharon Wilkins a live-action.. Has popped up occasionally in later seasons to annoy Liz and Jenna have proven her parenting skills stress,. Have put Margaret through 30 rock cast years of alcoholism and depression Vice president of NBC, Wassername sues company. ( Jan Hooks ) is Don Geiss, and half Polish ancestry York City and C.C. agrees to fired... Her fiancé, Devon Banks ' blatant homosexuality and contempt for her,! Sells his hot dog stand which sells organic hot dogs does Conan '' were both nominated for main! Their dog to poop in watch Liz watching TV 21 episodes much to Liz each time they,! Series took home the Writers Guild of America strike on January 10, 2008 seeming perfect for each other a. Judge on a reality show Queen of Jordan ( Morgan ) as costar relationship after a tour of her and. Giants '' ( a non-speaking cameo appearance ), is grateful to not have been real! Is composed by Fey 's, also had his character, including taking an interest in Avery 's mother heavily... Is not Hank 's granddaughter and Jack 's girlfriend Celeste `` C.C. hating every with! Insecure about herself need of a Mexican prison Gang named Los Tiburones Torpey! Before auditioning for a year to star in the series was abandoned prior to its debut slick and.! ( secretly at first because his frequent absences for work gives her freedom first episode, Cerie said the!