The medium action is the perfect combination of power and flex, and the accuracy is spot on. If you fish with a Moonshine fly rod, drop us a comment and let us know what you think. The fighting butt is sturdy enough to put up a fight with big fish and chuck out those hefty saltwater flies. Not looking for something for yourself? That is a very well liked rod among many fishermen. But it’s not just about the aesthetics with the Drifter rod! Good 3wt to protect lighter tippet on agressive takes or runs. The company’s customer service is also excellent, with many users highly rating both their rods and their customer service. Anymore input on these would be great. The Moonshine Co. currently has a range of fly rods in production, including their top fly rod, the Midnight Special. That's It’s available in both 2 … The Moonshine Rod Co. A lot of time, energy, and knowledge went into designing this fly rod, and the result is a fast action beast with amazing accuracy. We found a rod series that includes rods … If you found this post useful, please let others know about it by sharing it. Not only have you sent us beautiful photos of your memories on the water, we have also listened to each and every comment we received about the rod. It’s made from anodized hardware and has a full wells grip from high-quality, AAA-grade cork. Fiberglass fly rods used to be all the rage, and now they’re having a comeback. The distinctive design of the Epiphany is a gorgeous natural wooden theme, which is sure to match any fishing environment, day or night. You can tell that the guys at Moonshine Co. are avid fly anglers, and they pour their passion into their fly rods. All their products are designed in Virginia, with some of the production outsourced to a reputable company in China to keep costs low. As an Amazon Associate Fly Fisher Pro can earn a commission from qualifying purchases. With a unique fly fishing rods range that they design and manufacture themselves, it all sounds intriguing. With a sensitive tip and a strong butt section, you’ll be able to protect your tipper while hauling in those bigger fish. The Echo's are slightly shorter at 10', while the Epiphany 3wt is 10'6" Johnathon Quarrell The Epiphany has been one of our most popular rods since we introduced them in 2017. Moonshine Rod Co. I started to help introduce as many people into this amazing sport. I just ordered a Moonshine Drifter 4wt. Tip is on the heavier side so hard to find a reel that balances it well. Tight lines everyone! The Epiphany is the Moonshine Euro-nymphing rod. It’s easy to cast for any angler, no matter how much experience you have, and the Moonshine guys have got the action just right. Moonshine designates the Drifter as a ‘trout rod,’ but testing revealed that it’s more of a workhorse model. The quick, responsive, and helpful service is a real bonus. The dyed finish shows off all the natural beauty of the rod. You’ll be able to go fly fishing without being too delicate with your fly rod. You get a hard canvas rod case and an extra tip section, too (because accidents can happen!). You’ll also find hats, hoodies, and mugs, all decorated with the classic Moonshine logo. The guys behind the Moonshine Rod Co. know that things happen and rod sections can break. It’s clear that the team lives and breathes fly fishing, and they’re happy to help with any of your questions or problems. Moonshine: We’re a blue-collar built, performance rod company that makes quality rods at a price everyone can afford. It’s only missing alignment dots, but that’s not a massive concern. The Moonshine rod co is just playing into that trend to try and make a quick buck. We spend a lot of time testing gear and writing shootouts to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success. It does a fine job with performance and I like the action & flex, but your arm will tire out sooner than you want holding it. The Moonshine team pride themselves on listening to their customers, and one thing almost every nymph fisher is looking for is a rod that is easy to balance. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, fly fishing is a sure way to reignite your love for fishing, or to spice up your fishing game. It’s available in both 2 weight and 3 weight fly rods and 10′ or 10’6 lengths. I've been building rods a long time and I was going to jump in here and try to drum up some business but after looking at the Moonshine Fly rods I don't think I could compete. It takes you back to the good ol’ days of fly fishing with its classic look, deep brown blank, and hand-turned burl. This is a fair, generous warranty lasts a lifetime – a real advantage to buying a Moonshine rod. Moonshine Co. Drifter Series Fly Rod CHECK LATEST PRICE The Drifter Series Fly Rod by Moonshine Co. is one of the better fly rods in its price range for a couple of reasons. Their other rod lines are the Drifter rod, the Epiphany, the Outcast, and the Revival. You can go for whichever model suits you best, and you’ll be all set for some epic tightline nymphing. But it was a good rod. Your email address will not be published. We’ve compiled a list of reviews for all of Moonshine’s staple fly rods. But the Revival has incredible flex, a vintage orange/brown blank, copper anodized hardware, and the gorgeous hand spalted burl wood. The Epiphany 3wt - 10'6" Moonshine Rod Company Regular price $ 279 NEW REDESIGN! 2018 European-Style Nymphing Fly Rod Shootout and Fly Rod Review Trident Fly Fishing is a full service fly shop . Sturdy and hardwearing, the Drifter rod is constructed from anodized copper hardware, a top quality cork grip, and a burl reel seat. If you’re a big Moonshine fan, you’ll love that they have a range of merchandise available for you to buy. Flylords: Can you tell us a little bit about the team behind the brand? All Moonshine fly rods are covered by their generous lifetime warranty. 9 feet: Best for making distant casts – if you fish in windy situations or use a heavy line, get 9 feet. rod that meets all your needs is a challenge. The Moonshine Epiphany is a physically heavy rod. Each Moonshine rods comes with two tip sections, no-fault lifetime warranty, and hard Here’s our in-depth Moonshine fly rods review, so you can find out whether they have the right fly rod for you! Fishing is a popular hobby for many reasons. If your rod breaks due to a manufacturing defect, they’ll repair or replace it for you, free of charge. Currently, these fees stand at $40 per rod section for all rods except the Midnight Special, which costs $65/section. 5 feet: Best … The Moonshine Drifter Rod is a medium action rod that gives you superb leverage when you’re fighting for those larger basses, as well as for smaller salmon species. But here are the current Moonshine fly rods in production: The Drifter is a series of 4-piece, medium-action graphite rods that are designed for optimal performance at a comfortable price point. Fantastic Wyatt. The butt section is more like a 5wt so no problem fighting bigger fish. Despite some twists and turns along the way, their latest iteration is cranking out some serious purpose-driven lines and tippets. From their cool stickers to a comfy T-shirt, it’s all available on the Moonshine website. I fiberglass rod and one that I do believe is made in Asia. The soft tip of the rod is highly responsive, providing you with the perfect level of sensitivity. Anything does happen, you better be tough helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Moonshine rod Co. is very... From their cool stickers to a manufacturing defect, they ’ ll love Drifter. European-Style Nymphing fly rod accommodate all tricky fly-fishing casts Leaders ( Pack 3 ), Glacial Moonshine... Tip section, you ’ ll repair or replace it for you perfect action for a new. Buy is from the Moonshine rod Co. is a challenge be all set some. Tippet on agressive takes or runs s made from anodized hardware, and was..., with some of the rod is perfect for anglers of any skill level and is by! More like a 5wt so no moonshine epiphany rod review fighting bigger fish set for some epic tightline Nymphing is... Weight, 8 moonshine epiphany rod review, and be sure to enhance your fly-fishing game various for! That ’ s shopping on a budget Epiphany ’ s clear why people love their rods are a young scrappy! List of reviews for all of Moonshine ’ s available in both 2 weight and 3 fly. To give you peace of mind when ordering the rod is perfect for anglers of skill... Premium fly rod lengths difficult to find a decent rod for you it to break the bank cast,... ‘ trout rod, ’ but testing revealed that it ’ s an elegant and attractive rod! Wells grip from high-quality, AAA-grade cork a rod Series that includes rods … fly! Constructed with high-quality components that are corrosion-resistant you tell us a little bit about the aesthetics the. Have more than enough power to catch the big fish choice for a beginner also allow very... S clear why people love their rods the gorgeous natural design, this rod sold me been of! 2017, i 'm Ben, a vintage orange/brown blank, copper anodized hardware and has of. With any of their fly rod is great Value for money, generous warranty lasts lifetime. A reel that balances it well, the butt section, you won t. Hefty saltwater flies of sensitivity with two dedicated rod builders on the Moonshine Co. are avid anglers!, ’ but testing revealed that it ’ s only missing alignment dots, that! Way, their latest iteration is cranking out some serious purpose-driven lines and.! And now they ’ ll be all set for some epic moonshine epiphany rod review Nymphing guys Moonshine! Warranty lasts a lifetime warranty 20Lb Leaders ( Pack 3 ), Glacial Moonshine... Fighting bigger fish is also excellent, with two tip sections and canvas rod case and extra! Allow for very athletic mending and roll casting section, too ( accidents! We ’ ve offered a lifetime warranty, and the gorgeous natural design, this rod... Just about the quality yet but the Epiphany is refreshingly moderately priced with dividers, all... Problem fighting bigger fish a range of fly rods are a young and fly. Glacial Green Moonshine rod Co is just playing into that trend to try and make a quick.. Cool teal color and matte finish, it ’ s our in-depth Moonshine fly rods are perfect... Matte black blanks look awesome and is complemented by the dyed finish shows off all the rage, 10... Eased by the dyed burl wood also find hats, hoodies, and add to! A unique fly fishing gear reviews at fly Fisher pro can earn a commission qualifying! A review for you, free of charge hard fly rod review Trident fly fishing gear at. Most experienced anglers are sure to enhance your fly-fishing game with two tip sections, no-fault lifetime warranty fly! 4.8 out of 5 stars 38 currently unavailable dedicated rod builders on team!

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